datebook DATE BOOK Wild '71 Dormant. 6" light rose with soft peach tone E-M 32" Display  
daveoholman DAVEO HOLMAN Holman '79 Huge 9.5" pinky peach blooms. A real conversation bloom, nice with other pastels. Reblooms. E-M 26" Display  
decaturbullseye DECATUR BULLSEYE Davidson '75. Dormant. Tet. An outstanding variety for something "old but different". 6" copper gold bloom with mahogany center, gold inner throat. Combine with Jungle Beauty or Sir Moldred to stop visitors fast. M 34" $17.50
desert flame
DESERT FLAME Santa Lucia '96 Dormant. Tetraploid. Orange-red with yellow green throat, 5.5" bloom. Reblooms.
36" $17.50
dominic DOMINIC J. Williams '84 SEv. Tetraploid. 5.5" very dark red, almost root beer like color. Plenty of mid season blooms here and keeps blooming into August. Will dig from garden rows. E-M 30" $12.75
doublecutie DOUBLE CUTIE B. Brown '72 Evergreen. Diploid. 4" soft yellow bloom with lemon-green throat. Award winner. E-M 14" $15.50
Limited at nursery 
doublefirecracker DOUBLE FIRECRACKER B. Brown '78 Carmine red, scented, double. Popular as a double but folks love the name too! M 30" Display
doubleriverwye DOUBLE RIVER WYE Kropf '82. Double medium yellow blooms that keep coming along. Works well with blues such as when complimented with delphiniums. Continues into September here. Popular so sometimes in short supply. M 26" $17.50
doubleyellow1 DOUBLE YELLOW Miles '63. Dormant. Double. 4" bloom.Yellow self. High count.
34" $12.75
downywoodpecker DOWNY WOODPECKER Griesbach-Klehm '79. Another in the bird series. A deep red dormant tetraploid.
34" $15.50
dragonseye DRAGON'S EYE E. Salter '91. SEv. Striking 4"medium rose with large dark rose eye. Beautiful but slow to get started each spring here. Tends to be a weaker semievergreen here. M-L 24" Display




A pink double with green throat that has been marketed at times by the name of Dream Souffle although registered as Dublin Elaine. 5.5" bloom, a Dormant, a rebloomer. Backdrop with some nice blues and tell me it's not nice! It blooms and blooms!
Duke of Earl DUKE OF EARL Benz '87. Dormant. Tet. 5" deep rosy red ruffled blooms. Heavily budded. Midseason.
Dumortierii DUMORTIERII Another species from Japan first creating interest in 1832 by van Siebold and finally getting to registration by Moren in 1834. One of the first to bloom, a light medium orange but so noticeable because of high bloom count and blooming before many other garden flowers. Buds carry a tell-tale brownish tinge on the back. There are several clones out there making identification a challenge at times. Vigorous grower! E 26" $17.50
earlysnow1 EARLY SNOW Stamile '96 Dormant Tetraploid 7", close to white bloom with green throat. Fragrant. Blooms and then blooms some more. E-M 29" $15.50
edmurray ED MURRAY Grovatt '71. Dormant. 4" very deep red, almost black blooms in good quantity. Color and height make it very useful. Later August eye catcher here. M-L 30" $12.75
Eenie Weenie EENIE WEENIE Aden '76 2.5" lemon gold rebloomer. Laugh at the name but add the flower to your collection! M 12" Display



elainestrutt ELAINE STRUT Coe '69. Tall, rosy-peach with yellow throat. A very strong grower! One of George's favorite old daylilies. One day Gail put a couple pots near his chair when she was in her "When is he going to learn the names?" phase. The flower scape jumping on the newspaper page caught his attention and it's still on his list! M-L 34" $15.50
eldesperado EL DESPERADO Stamile '91 Dormant. Tet 4.25" almost mustard colored bloom with striking wine-purple eye, picotee edges. Combine with Jungle Beauty and Ezekial for an incredible combination! This is a different "desperado" than the one Johnny Cash sung about. Super! M-L 28" $15.50
elegant candy ELEGANT CANDY Stamile '95. Dormant. Tet. Fragrant, very pretty 4.25" rounded, heavily ruffled, peachy-pink bloom with striking rose eye, green throat. E-M 25" $15.50
elegant explosion ELEGANT EXPLOSION Meyer/Walters Gardens. 2004. Dormant, nocturnal, reblooming diploid. 4" deep orange-gold blooms. Vigorous!
  ERIN LEA Blaney 1992. Dormant. Tetraploid. 5.5" golden yellow blooms with ruffled edges. Lots of blooms and it reblooms too.
exotic candy EXOTIC CANDY Stamile '95 Dormant Tetraploid, fragrant rebloomer 4" light apricot/peach blooms w/full rose eye, green throat, ruffled
eyes of fury EYES OF FURY Joiner '94 Dormant, Tetraploid, Rebloomer. Huge 7" apricot blooms with burgundy-purple eye.


Talbot '91 Ev Tetraploid 5" double. An outstanding black-red eye that in bright sun sometimes looks brown to George when I say, "no, black-red". M 28" $12.75
fairytalepink FAIRY TALE PINK C. Pierce '80. SEv. A soft, peachy-pink, diamond dusted bloom with green throat. 5.5" rounded, ruffled blooms M 27"


finaltouch FINAL TOUCH Apps '91. Dormant Diploid. A great, late summer bloomer. Sturdy scapes with rosy pink bicolor blooms. Continues even when temperatures decrease here. Fragrant.
32" $12.75
fireking FIRE KING Benz '91 Dormant. Tet. A late summer bloomer. Tall scapes, 5.5" orange blooms that turn heads. Has heavily ruffled petals and darker reddish halo. Nocturnal. M-L 30" $15.50
flamingo fantasy FLAMINGO FANTASY Apps '97. Dormant, fragrant, diploid. 5" light pink ruffled blooms with rose eye, green throat.
26" $15.50
fooledme FOOLED ME Hein '90. Dormant. Tetraploid. 5.5" golden bloom with a deep rusty-red eye and matching picotee edge. E-M 26" $15.50
fortycarats FORTY CARATS Benz '88. In Vermont this outstanding variety puts on a great show from August through September and into October despite lowering temperatures. This is one of Gail's favorites. 5.5" pumpkin gold blooms on strong scapes M-L 30" $15.50
franshals FRANS HALS Flory '55. Distinct bicolor, yellow with rusty red radiating from the center. Older variety but still very popular. M-L 24" $15.50
funny valentine FUNNY VALENTINE Blaney '98. Dormant, tetraploid. 6" ruffled blooms are rose/red w/green throat, lots of buds and nice dark foliage. Ed Murray is a parent.
garden show
GARDEN SHOW Carpenter '97 Dormant. Diploid. Purple with green throat. 6" bloom. Fragrant. Blooms again.
28" $15.50
goldenchimes GOLDEN CHIMES Fischer '54. Dormant. For a natural, airy look, GC is outstanding! Tall and free flowing, with bell shaped 3" goldy-yellow blooms. 1962 award winner.
46" $15.50
goldenprize GOLDEN PRIZE Peck '68. Dormant. Tetraploid. 7"ruffled, bright gold blooms. Stands out from afar. M-L 26" $12.75


Crochet '81 Diploid. 4" red ruffled petals, deep raspberry red eye, green throat, yellow watermark. Blooms early and on into September. You'll keep asking yourself "Again?" E-L 24" $15.50
grandmasterpiece GRAND MASTERPIECE Dove '84. Dormant. Ruffled 6" deep purple with lime green throat. Good bloom count into end of August. E-M 21" $15.50


Wild '78. Smooth, grape color with lime green heart, ruffles. Long blooming. George has always loved this one but it sells out as soon as he gets the stock up. There are a lot of imposters but nothing is like the real Grape Velvet. The Wilds company says they will not grow it again. Cannot figure out why but we will still grow it regardless. M 26" $17.50 Very limited at nursery
greenflutter GREEN FLUTTER Williamson '64. SEv Diploid. 3" canary yellow blooms with green throat. A great older variety worth collecting. Lots of bud! M-L 22" $15.50
gypsy caravan
GYPSY CARAVAN Benz '96 Dormant. Tetraploid. 4.5" bloom, cream with deep purple-red eye, deep green throat. Fragrant.
30" $15.50